Preschool & Early Learning Punchbowl

Peter Rabbit offers one of the foremost frameworks for preschool and early learning in Punchbowl. We are proud to be home to start of the art play equipment that is available for all children to enjoy, making for a unique preschool setting in the heart of Punchbowl, but also, extend our latest and best preschool play areas and programs to excellence in our Peter Rabbit early learning framework.

Early learning, like preschool, is preparation for children aged three to five; those crucial formative years before making a big adjustment when entering kindergarten. Informed parents know that early learning has a world of differences and similarities to childcare, most being in the nurturing and development of children through concentrated forms of playing.

Preschool & Early Learning Punchbowl

Our early learning and preschool in Punchbowl program for children adopts the EYLF curriculum, the most prominent early learning and preschool framework in Australia. The EYLF motto ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’ is incorporated into our balances of engaging experiences and activities in a well-designed routine.

Early learning can herald so many benefits for your child, especially when they are in a happy and encouraging early learning environment. Ready for school programs help build essential skills your child needs when entering the next stage of their education, like confidence, socialisation, concentration, and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

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